• Airplane Headrest Cover

    You may send us, via .png or .jpeg a customized logo for your headrest. We reserve the right to deny any logo we deem to be offensive, demeaning, pornagraphic, etc.

    I'm a frequent flyer approaching 2 million miles.  There are times that I work during the flight but sometimes I want to recline my seat and nap.  The airlines that I fly have a headrest that can be adjusted up or down and has a movable flap on either side that you can move forward to form a kind of box to keep your head in place. As I try to get comfy, my face, eyes, and mouth could all come in contact with the headrest. You start to wonder..."Who had this seat on the last flight...or the one before that...or the one before that"? Not a pleasant thought!

    The Headrest Cover is an antimicrobial, machine-washable, protective cover for most commercial airline headrests that is effortless to put on and take off.  It protects your head from the germs that countless other passengers may have left behind. The Headrest Cover is compatible with main cabin, business and first-class seats.