James and Lia Karanian


Air Traffic Group, LLC

James's current work has been in support of FAA finance’s Investment Planning and Analysis (IP&A).  Their mission is to verify and validate FAA programs seeking funding.  The group is comprised of extremely intelligent and effective group of FAA employees and their contractor support led by very competent and dedicated FAA managers and directors.

This job has allowed me to be a part of decision making related to the future of the FAA.  As an operational subject matter expert, my responsibility is to ensure that IP&A’s business case analysts, cost analysts, scheduling analysts and operational researchers understand how the programs may, or may not, enhance and improve the way we move airplanes through the National Airspace System.

Some of the programs that I have been fortunate to work on include:

Performance Based Operations (PBN)

Advancements in aircraft navigational capabilities need to be optimized by ATC.  Our infrastructure is moving away from some of our traditional ground-based navigational aids to space-based infrastructure.  Programs such as the VOR MON